Yamba, Australia

Yamba was the first stop on our mini road trip on the way to the snowy mountains. We only stayed for one night but really, really enjoyed our time there. We wish there had been able to stay for longer!


There is only one hostel in Yamba, the YHA hostel. We’ve heard only great things about this busy little hostel! When we stayed in Yamba we slept in the car which was so much fun! We will be writing a blog post about our tips and advice for camping in Australia very soon so stay tuned.

What to do in Yamba

One of Yamba’s most popular attractions are the Blue Pools. Actually located in the nearby village of Angourie, the Blue Pools are a pair of natural swimming holes, and are popular with the locals at certain times of the year. Unfortunately sometimes you’re now not allowed in as it disturbs the algae in the water, but only when it’s in bloom… however it’s still a nice spot to visit even if you cant swim. How blue it is depends entirely upon the amount of algae in the water at that time, when we went it was more green that blue! We went for a wander to the rock shelf and looked around the rock pools while we were there.

yamba-2 yamba-3

Have a walk up to the lighthouse, you can’t go up it unfortunately but it makes a great picture! The hill that the lighthouse is on has great views over Yamba, especially on a sunny day.


There are all sorts of watersports on offer in Yamba, from kayaking to water skiing, you name it, they have it! If you find yourself at a loss for things to do, then go and try something new, it’s the best way to find new hobbies. If you love swimming then check out the Yamba main beach ocean pool, it’s a cool alternative to the ocean!



There are lots of beautiful costal walks around Yamba if you love to be in nature. One of the most popular ones is the Angourie costal walking track. This is a 10km walk (3.5 hour return), which has beautiful views and lots of bird and whale watching opportunities along the way. 


Yamba is a very sleepy little town, it’s the perfect place to go and unwind. A lot of people go to surf as it has fantastic beaches. While we were there we rented a board and had a go and recommend that you do too!


We’ve heard great things about the YHA and its nightlife – it seems like a lot of like-minded people find themselves in Yamba, so, if you love to relax and surf then it might be the perfect spot for you. So there you have it. Your full and complete guide to Yamba and all the things you can get up to, so what are you waiting for… get booking!

Kay and Dom

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