Wollongong, Australia

Wollongong is a busy little place and we were surprised by how built up the town is, we expected it to be a sleepy little place but we were definitely mistaken! We recommend staying for a few days, we stayed for 5 days but feel that might have been a little too long; it depends on what you want out of your stay and how active you want to be.


There is a variety of hostels in Wollongong to choose from, they are an awesome way of meeting new people and can really add great memories to your trip!

We stayed in an airbnb while we were in Wollongong, it was a little far away from the beach but had everything that we needed and more, we made friends with our host and spent our nights chatting away finding out the best places to go in Australia it really adds value to our trip when we get to know the locals! If you want to try out Airbnb then you can click here to get $40 off your first stay!

What to do in Wollongong

The beaches in Wollongong are really beautiful and there are plenty to choose from, the first thing we did when we arrived was go for a walk on the beautiful clean beach! As Wollongong is pretty industrial you sometimes get an alternative view out to sea and may have to deal with having to look at a power-station in the distance. While you’re there go for a walk up to the lighthouse, the lighthouse is a … research and there are lots of cannons there from the old war. There are tons of cafes around the lighthouse and lots of nice food to choose from.


If you have a care make sure you check out the …board walk it’s a beautiful spot to watch the sunset. When we were there the whole sky lit up and the calm waters reflected it beautifully!


There are more lookouts that I can count on one hand in Wollongong, they are wonderful and you can see for miles and miles. If you go at night time you will see the city come to life.! Some of the most beautiful ones are:

  • Bald Hill Lookout
  • Sublime Point Lookout
  • Mt. Kiera lookout
  • Hill 60 lookout

Wollongong-5 Wollongong-4 Wollongong-1 Wollongong-6

Be sure to go to the sea cliff road bridge, it is an absolute work of art! You can drive down it and then walk back along the path to take in the views. The bridge is so unique and picturesque, it’s been used in a lot of films and advertisements for cars!


If you haven’t already then head to the Royal national park this is the base for you to explore wedding cake rock, the beach and waterfall from the cliff. Top tip: If you arrive after 4pm you can park for free! We found that out by accident but It’s good to know.

Go for a swim in the ocean and sunbathe the day away and if you’re brave enough then head over to the cliffs and jump off into the waters below! This is a popular place to come to from Sydney and is an awesome day trip if you ever want something to do at the weekend.

So there you have it. Your full and complete guide to Wollongong and all the things you can get up to, so what are you waiting for… get booking!

Kay and Dom

* All views and opinions are our own, we are not sponsored by any company(s) we just want to create great guides for people to enjoy their time travelling in Australia.


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