Uluwatu was easily one of our favourite places in Bali. It is such a laid back little place with absolutely amazing views! Uluwatu is set high up on the cliffs and is really popular with surfers due to its great waves.


Our accommodation may have been one of the reasons we enjoyed this place so much. It was set high up in the hills boasting an infinity pool with the most spectacular view! We stayed at Batu Jaran Hill and recommend staying anywhere with a view like that!


There are so many warungs to try, and lots of delicious smoothie bowls to devour! We finally plucked up the courage to hire a scooter which gave us so much more freedom. The roads in Uluwatu are pretty hilly but are more maintained than most other places we’ve been. We had so much fun whizzing around the roads of Uluwatu with our new found freedom!

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Be sure to visit Uluwatu temple while you’re in the area. It’s a stunning place to visit, especially on a sunny day! You don’t need your own sarong as they come free with the cost of the ticket but we took ours to wear anyway. We grew quite fond of sarong life to be quite honest! The striking cliffs looked so dramatic against the backdrop of the ocean, especially at sunset. It was so beautiful.


Making bracelets to sell to tourists

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One thing to be aware of at the temple is the monkeys! They are notorious for stealing people’s things (in fact it’s almost a bit of a tourist trap (the monkeys steal something, run into the bushes, then a local magically appears with the stolen item, requesting a tip for the ‘hard work’ and ‘inconvenience’ (of swapping said item for sweets))). Go onto TripAdvisor and search Uluwatu temple if you want a laugh at some of the stories people have left. One person had their flip flop stolen off their foot, WHILST WALKING!

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We ended our visit to the temple by watching a traditional dance while the sun was setting. It was really interesting to watch the unique style of dance that is traditional to Balinese culture.

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Make sure that while you’re in Uluwatu you head down the cliff to the ocean. This is where a lot of surfers paddle out to catch the waves, it looks pretty dangerous but they all seemed to know what they were doing. The steps down are pretty steep but it’s nice to go down to sea level for a change of scenery.


If you want a nice chilled evening then head over to Single Fin, a restaurant set on the edge of the cliff. You may have to reserve a table depending on how late you plan on eating, but the views make it all worth while! We had a delicious pizza there and then watched the sun go down. A lot of people spend the rest of the evening there drinking and chatting the night away in the super chill atmosphere.

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We had such a great time in Uluwatu and will most certainly be back one day, I think we could happily stay here for a week or more but a good amount of time if you’re travelling around Bali is 5-7 days.

Next stop, Sanur!

Kay and Dom

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