Tasmania, Australia

Tassie is a fantastic but truly underrated place! We are really shocked that more people don’t visit Tasmania but feel a lot of people don’t really know what is there or how beautiful it is! Don’t worry I’ll tell you all about how amazing it is and why you need to get your butt there… now! (Brace yourself for 100000 photos to prove it)

To get to Tasmania you can either fly or get the ferry, the ferry is the more affordable and popular option and is the option we chose. We paid a little extra to take our car and highly recommend that you do too if you have your own transport, it makes places so much more accessible.


There are many different routes that you can take to see all of the best places in Tasmania and I will share with you the route we took. Lots and lots of research went into this so I hope it helps you if you do decide to go. To help with planning we’ve included a photo of the route we took, everybody is different but we believe this is a great route and includes all the best bits!

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 13.24.58

We slept in our car for free for most of our journey, normally if you ask at the tourist information centres they can tell you places to stay, or if you find a quiet place away from busy roads you will be a-ok! Every 3 or 4 days we would stop at a hostel to freshen up and get some charge on our laptops/external batteries which was the only downside to not staying on powered campsites, but I guess it depends on your budget.


Devonport is not a very pretty place, because of the harbour it is very very industrial. If you take a drive you will find the real Tasmanian country side where Guide falls is located. It is pretty easy to find and takes about 10 minutes to walk to from the carpark, you all know we love our waterfalls but this one was especially beautiful! Mersy Bluff lighthouse isn’t too far away either, it’s a really unique red and white striped lighthouse!

Devonport-2 Devonport-3



Burnie is another quiet little town with not much going on, we found ourselves here on a rainy day and went to the local cinema to watch a film! There are some really great restaurants in the area but not much else.

Rain rain go away!

Rain rain go away!


There is a lovely look out near Fossil Bluff beach, if you take the path from the look out you will find yourself on a pretty beach. If you look closely enough at the rocks and cliff walls you might even be able to see fossils from hundreds of years ago.

Wynyard-7 Wynyard-8 Wynyard-9

Take a drive to Table Cape lighthouse for more beautiful Tasmanian views, on the drive back down you will pass fields and fields of tulips, depending on the season you might even be there while the famous Bridestowe lavender fields are in bloom! You can stop off and get yourself a lavender ice-cream to go with the gorgeous purple views.

Wynyard-10 Wynyard-11 Wynyard-12 Wynyard-13

Take a drive down to the beach which of course has perfect white sand that is as fine as flour and crystal clear water! Don’t be deceived by it’s beauty the water is FREEZING, Dom was crazy enough to go for a ‘swim’ while we were there… it’s great to wake yourself up if nothing else.

Wynyard-14 Wynyard-15 Wynyard-16


Stanley is home to Dip Falls, a gorgeous waterfall with hexagonal shaped columns, the unusual rock formations were formed by years and years of erosion and are really spectacular to see. There is also a huge tree located there too!

Stanley-26 Stanley-25 Stanley-24

One of the most famous spots in Tasmania is The Nut this is the remains of an old volcanic plug! It is free to walk up or $15 each way for a chair lift to the top. The walk is very intense but doesn’t take very long at all, half way up you will wonder why on earth you are doing this to yourself but then you blink and suddenly you’re at the top and have saved yourself $30!


Verrrrry steep.

Stanley-18 Stanley-20

Follow the paths around the top to see various beautiful lookouts, the walk will take you through lots of green grassy areas which are perfect places to spot cute little wallabies!

Stanley-21 Stanley-22 Stanley-23

Keep on your drive and you will end up at the edge of the world! A place famed for the most clean are in the world, there isn’t much else there but the view makes it all worth while.

edge of world-71


If you’re feeling in a quirky mood then take yourself to Tasmazia which was once one of the biggest mazes in the world! It’s years since either of us have been to a maze but we thoroughly enjoyed trying to find our way our and laughing at the controversial signs along the way.

Stanley-29 Stanley-28 Stanley-27

Sheffield is a very quiet and strange town, we found an old man with an alpaca waiting for tourists to take pictures of it so he could make money! It’s very quirky place, you truly feel like you’re in the wild wild west and any second someone will come down the road in horse and cart!

Montezuma Falls

The waterfall is in the middle of nowhere but is a really pleasant walk, If it is raining make sure you take good walking shoes as the paths can very very muddy! Just before you arrive at the waterfall there is a little old mine shaft which you can walk into, it is very cool but extremely creepy… don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

cradle mountain-38 cradle mountain-39

Queenstown and Nelson Falls

Queenstown is another quiet place, it’s an old mining town and seems very old fashioned however we were pleasantly surprised by how welcoming and friendly the locals were. You can drive to the top of the quarry and look at the views from the top, the roads are very steep an windy so make sure to drive nice and slooooow.

cradle mountain-40

cradle mountain-41

Lake St Clair and Cradle Mountain -Mt Field NP

Cradle mountain is the best place in Tasmania for hiking, it has some really amazing treks that last a few hours to a few days! Be warned that if you do go the weather can change within minutes, one second it will be bright blue skies and the next it will be snowing… and I’m not even joking!

cradle mountain-33

As a birthday present Dom bought me a ride in a helicopter over the national park, it was breathtaking to see Tasmania from above, it’s amazing to see how small the hikers look and how far they actually walk. If you have the money for a helicopter ride it is an amazing experience and one I will always remember and you would too.

cradle mountain-31 cradle mountain-36

cradle mountain-43

Spot the Joey!

There are heaps of walks to go on, the best bet is to visit the tourist information when you arrive and ask them for the best route, that way you will see all of the best places in the area with heaps of waterfalls, lakes and perfect views. As you walk over the board walk be sure to look out for wombats, they normally come out to play at dawn/dusk but be careful if you are driving as they are NOT forgiving to your car if you’re unlucky enough to hit one.

cradle mountain-35

We spotted an Echidna!

cradle mountain-34 cradle mountain-32 cradle mountain-37

Watch out for giant car tipping kangaroos! They're out there, we swear!

Watch out for giant car tipping kangaroos! They’re out there, we swear!

Hobart/Mt Wellington

Hobart is busiest part of Tasmania, it’s where most of the population lives and has a very city like feel to it. There are lots of shops, restaurants and cafes to visit as well as a very vibrant night life! Lots and lots of backpackers come here and as it is home to Tassies university. Due to it being popular with young people there is great cheap drinks available at the bars/nightclubs if you enjoy a good night out!

cradle mountain-46

Standing in the clouds!

cradle mountain-47

Bruny Island

You can’t visit Tasmania without visiting Bruny Island! You can get a car ferry across to the island for the day or you can return whenever you decide.

Visit the neck, the neck is a long sandy mass which connects the north and south of the island. The views are breathtaking up there! If you walk down to the left hand side beach you can even see little penguin prints in the sand, how cute!

cradle mountain-49

cradle mountain-48

The main reason people go to Bruny Island is to see the white wallabies. Yep, you read that right… WHITE WALLABIES! Just when you think they can’t get any cuter! We drove to Adventure Bay to find them all lying about in the sun. They are the only white wallabies left in Australia due to there being no predators on the island. However they do like to jump out in front of cars and so it’s a very common thing to find locals who have taken care of an injured wallaby and now have it as a pet, how very Australian.

cradle mountain-51 cradle mountain-50

Eagle Hawk Neck

This place has got to be on the list if you find yourself in Tasmania, it’s the best place to go and look at the cliffs around the amazing coastline of Tasman National Park which is located between Eaglehawk Neck and Cape Hauy. We went on a tour with Wild Ocean Tasmania and cannot recommend them enough! On our tour we were lucky enough to spot two different types of whale as well as lots and lots of seals, it’s also not uncommon to see pods of dolphins on the trips too. It’s one of the best trips we’ve ever been on, the owners are the kindest and most knowledgeable people ever and ensure you have lots of fun!

cradle mountain-54 cradle mountain-53 cradle mountain-52 cradle mountain-55

The dock in Eaglehawk Neck where the boat tours leave from is also home to a cute little blow hole, we think they are such a cool thing to experience and show you the true force of nature.

Go to Remarkable Cave where you can walk down to the cave, if you go when the tide is low you can even walk down and stand in the cave it’s self, just be careful that the tide doesn’t turn while you’re down there…eek!

cradle mountain-57 cradle mountain-59

The tessellated pavement is perfect for photo opportunities, caused by natural erosion it is a truly unique place. The rocks look like a broke glass mirror, I have never seen anything quite like it.

cradle mountain-60

Freycinet NP

The national park is absolute stunning, we chose to see it by quad bike! The tour we went on was called All4Adventure and was heaps of fun. If you want a little bit more adrenaline in your sightseeing then this is the perfect activity. There are big boulders which have naturally formed and rolled to various places in the park Indiana jones style.

cradle mountain-62

Our tour took us to friendly beach which is one of the nicest beaches we’ve ever been to. Minus the freezing cold water we could have been mistaken for being in the Whitsundays!

cradle mountain-61

If you drive down to the tourist information centre there is a lovely little walk which takes you down onto another gorgeous beach with stunning views… are you seeing a theme yet?

cradle mountain-63


Bicheno is a little seaside town that’s home to a very extravagant blow hole! You will be able to hear the blow hole before you even see it, if you stand too close you will most definitely get wet!


Wineglass Bay

The hike down to wineglass bay needs to be at the top of your list if you go to Tassie! The walk it’s self takes about 2 hours return and is pretty steep on the way up so be warned! You will find yourself very red faced and out of breath but once you reach the top you will forget about all the pain you just caused yourself when you see the view. If you recover and don’t mind more walking it’s also possible to go on a very steep walk down to the bay it’s self, if you go on a windy day be sure to take a jacket as it can be very cold down there!

cradle mountain-65 cradle mountain-64

Cataract Gorge

Cataract Gorge is a cool place to go for a walk; there is a suspension bridge there that has great views of the area. If you are lucky you might even see a peacock, the owner of one of the houses has pet peacocks! We have never seen one in real life so that was a really great surprise.

cradle mountain-66

Bay Of Fires

One of the most famous spots in Tasmania is the Bay of Fires. If you are camping you can camp for free in certain places along the coast which is amazing. It was one of our favourite camping spots in the whole of Australia.

The sunset against the firery red rocks and beautiful blue ocean are spectacular, if you do camp there then make sure you set up early so you can watch it. While we were there Dom took a time lapse and managed to catch the southern lights! So for those photographers out there, this is a great place to go and capture the magical lights.

cradle mountain-67

The red/orange rocks are actually caused by lichen which turns the rocks orange, a lot of people think that it’s called the bay of fires because of the red rocks but  it actually got it’s name from Captain Tobias Furneaux. He sailed past the Bay in 1773, and when he noticed numerous fires along the coast he aptly named it “the bay of fires”

cradle mountain-70 cradle mountain-71 cradle mountain-69 cradle mountain-68

We really hope you get to experience Tasmania one day, it’s too beautiful to miss! If you have already been please let us know where your favourite places were and if there are any that we’ve missed.

So there you have it. Your full and complete guide to Tasmania and all the things you can get up to, so what are you waiting for… get booking!

Kay and Dom

* All views and opinions are our own, we are not sponsored by any company(s) we just want to create great guides for people to enjoy their time travelling in Australia.

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