Here’s a run down of what we got up to in Seminyak the first stop on our trip around Bali!

We hopped into a taxi and took the 30 minute journey from the airport to our accommodation in Seminyak having decided to skip Denpasar all together, after reading reviews about it being really busy and quite polluted. We came to Bali to see the real Bali not the westernised version of it! Sure enough, our taxi took us through Denpasar and it was so busy. We were glad to not be staying there! We knew there were lots of scooters and motorbikes used in Bali but ohhhhh geez, were there lots of scooters and motorbikes in Bali! The road rules are slack, to say the least and we saw plenty of things that made us cringe in “that’s crazy” terror on the short drive to the hotel.


So many bikes!

We stayed in the Budhastay hotel, which was in a great location close to the beach and shops. We used the whole time we were in Bali and loved it, it never let us down! There were plenty of restaurants and warungs* to eat at and lots of shops selling clothes and gifts. On of my favourite things about where we stayed was that I could sit outside on the balcony in a morning and watch Bali wake up, also note that the Balinese people don’t really start moving very early and it doesn’t Seminyak doesn’t wake up properly until about 9/10am!

* a warung is a (usually small) restaurant that is family owned and sells home cooked traditional dishes for cheaper than a proper restaurant or eatery. They are usually super tasty and authentic, we really love eating in warungs, it’s nice to know your money is going directly to the locals!

Lovely view from our room

Lovely view from our room


We had delicious fresh juices and smoothies every day!


Another thing you might notice as you walk down the streets are the offerings laid out on the streets and pavements. Balinese people are traditionally Hindu, each day they put the offerings out to the gods in order to bring good luck to themselves and their business. We thought it was so lovely and really enjoyed seeing all the different ones that people had made.



Indonesia is famous for its surfing so we wasted no time in heading to the beach, and oh boy there were certainly some waves out there. Some pretty big ones at times too! We were really unhappy to see the amount of rubbish that was on the beach. Again, we had read about it and knew to expect it, but it doesn’t make it any better when you see it in person, especially having come from Australia’s pristine beaches. Please don’t let it stop you from visiting Bali, unfortunately a lot of the rubbish comes from the tourist industry itself!


It was great to see a whole new way of life, we did suffer a bit of a culture shock to say the least.

Seminyak-4 Seminyak-5 Seminyak-3Seminyak-12

We loved watching the sun go down at the beach, it was such a great atmosphere with live bands playing all along the beach front. It was so nice to see the local kids playing in the waves and people enjoying another beautiful day in Bali, it seriously has some of the best sunsets we’ve ever seen!

Seminyak-10 Seminyak-11 Seminyak-13 Seminyak-14

We didn’t stay in Seminyak for too long and would probably recommend about 3-5 days, although that does depend on what you enjoy. If you like city life but want a bit of a beachy vibe too, then Seminyak might just be perfect for you.

Kay and Dom

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