Sanur has a very similar feel as Seminyak, a busy little place by the beach! You will be pestered as you walk down the streets here for taxis as much as in Seminyak but everyone feels a little friendlier and less pushy!

We stayed at the Nyaman Guest House and absolutely loved it! It was so cheap; one of the cheapest places we stayed but it felt like one of the nicest and cleanest places! Most of the hotels in Sanur are super close to the beach, which is a huge bonus. We went for a lovely walk along the beach front, where you can find lots of delicious cafes as well as heaps of touristy shops and clothes shops.

Sanur-4 Sanur-1

The beach is definitely one of the nicest ones we went on in Bali, it was a lot cleaner than most other places, but also still had a fair bit of rubbish! Nobody pestered us while we sunbathed which was a welcome relief. Well nobody apart a very friendly stray dog who came to say hello.


Sanur is a little more pricey than other less popular places in Bali, but you can still get a good deal at local warungs. We enjoyed eating out at some really fancy and unique cafes while we were here as well as a nice mix of cheaper warungs with traditional balinese food.


If you get nicer weather than we did, we recommend going down to the beach to watch the sky light up at sunset. We saw the sunset from one of the restaurants one night and couldn’t believe the colour of the sky!

Sanur-6 Sanur-5

Mostly Sanur is just a nice place to spend time shopping and eating out as well as a nice place to relax at the beach. Sanur had a really modern vibe about it and we enjoyed how busy it was, especially at nighttime, it made a really great atmosphere. We recommend going to Sanur for 3-5 days.

Next stop, Ubud.

Kay and Dom

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