Road trip Ulladulla – Melbourne

We decided to do a quick run down of some great sports to stop off at if you find yourself heading up the cost from Melbourne or down towards Melbourne. Sometimes drives can take so long, so the best way of breaking it up and giving yourself a break is to stop of in little towns for some rest. Here are some of out favourite places that we stayed at along the way.


Ulladulla is a very quiet little place, we stayed here at a free campsite for the night which was nice! They next day we had a wander around and went for a little walk on a circuit walking track. The views we’re lovely and there was lots of art work to look at along the way.Ulladulla-2

Pebbly beach

Pebbly beach is a wonderful little place to go for a visit, there is a cute little beach and lots of kangaroos! If you’re lucky you might even spot a roo on the beach, we weren’t lucky enough but did manage to see a komodo dragon soaking up the sun!

pebbly bay-77
pebbly bay-4 pebbly bay-3
pebbly bay-6


Go down to the beach and have a look for the seals chilling on the rocks, they are usually later in the day after a morning of swimming, when we were there we saw seals swimming up and down the side of the river twirling around and flirting with us! It was adorable. In the same location there is a rock that has a hole the shape of Australia which has been naturally formed, it’s a great photo opportunity and is very unique .


The best experience of our travels so far has to be swimming with seals! We booked onto a trip with Under water safaris and had the time of our lives, we stayed in the water for two hours swimming with the seals and feeling like seals ourselves! If you love swimming and want a new experience then we 100% recommend going on a similar trip. If swimming isn’t your cup of tea then there are boat trips which take you out to the rocks for a closer look at the seals as they relax on the rocks.

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If you are camping in Narooma then make sure you stay at the Bodalla rest stop, it is the most beautiful free campsite we have ever stayed at, you can thank us later!


As you carry on your drive take a quick stop in Bermagui, it has a wonderful ocean pool, one of the prettiest we’ve seen. The first time we went however, the swell was HUGE and the waves were crashing up over the pool it’s self! There are signs which inform you about the different types of sea creatures that actually live in the ocean bath! It’s a nice little break after a long drive and a great way to freshen yourself up.



Eden is home to the pinnacles, a naturally formed beautiful red rock.. do research.. you can go for a nice stroll and stop off at a few look outs along the way. For the more adventurous amongst you, it is possible to walk all the way down to the pinnacles themselves, but be warned it is very steep and difficult make sure you take proper footwear not flip flops like we did!


Can you spot Dom?

Agnes falls

Agnes falls is worth a quick detour, it’s only a short walk from the carpark before you arrive at the falls. It’s in a gorgeous area surrounded with nature and mountains! Make sure you carry along the track to the next waterfall, it isn’t as far away as the signs say and it’s worth it!

narooma-29 narooma-30

Wilson promontory

Wilsons prom is a gorgeous place to visit, most people stay for a day but If you have a bit more time then you will be able to see so much more. Be aware that there are lots of suicidal kangaroos in the area so drive with caution!


There are heaps of walks to do in Wilson’s prom, when you arrive head over to the information centre for a map and plan of where to go on your visit. The whole area is breath taking, we stopped so many times as we were driving from place to place just to take in the beauty but there are lots and lots of wonderful lookouts to take photos from!

narooma-24 narooma-25

The best thing you can do there is the Mt Oberton summit walk it takes an hour to get to the top but it is so worth it, the views from the top are spectacular! It is a very steep incline to the top but is a tarmac road all the way up to the top so the walk it’s self isn’t too tricky. We suggest wearing proper walking shoes as the decent is very steep and flip flops will make your toes hurt after a while. You can see for miles at the top and feel like the world best explorer.


There are a few free rest stops in Wilson’s prom its self that the locals are hesitant to tell people about, they are called Franklin River rest area and Bear Gully. We stayed at Franklin River and  it’s a really pretty spot but be sure to take mozzie spary as they are very intense there!


We hope this is helpful for any of you planning a road trip, if you stay at any of these places or have done so before then please leave us a comment and let us know if there is anything we’ve missed!

Kay and Dom

* All views and opinions are our own, we are not sponsored by any company(s) we just want to create great guides for people to enjoy their time travelling in Australia.


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