Our Story

So here we are, sitting on the beach in Australia in the glorious sunshine, miles away from home and with no desire to go back to the lives we were living before we came.


Rewind the clock to a year and a half ago from now and you would see a very different story. You would see a couple that have been together for 6 years trying to figure out the next step. If we had met when we were 20 and had been together for 6 years, we’d be married with a house and kids by now. We felt some strange internal pressure to move on with our lives, to find the next part of our story. Naturally we took some steps towards buying our first house at the incredibly young and naïve ages of 20 (me) and 21 (Dom).


I was in a little bubble of happiness and it was so good. Everything was going to plan, we had saved up money, we both had good jobs, we had been approved a mortgage, we started to spend our weekends looking around houses and fantasising about living in them. Everything was so great, until my bubble burst.

It was after looking around a prospective house that it burst. It looked like the perfect house, but after visiting we realised it was far from it, it was in a terrible location, would need a lot of work and most of all we weren’t looking to buy it because it was what we wanted, it was what we could realistically afford to buy.

I felt trapped. 

I realised that this whole time I had been suppressing that fact that I never wanted to live my life in England. I had always fantasised about living somewhere warm, somewhere I could walk to the beach whenever I wanted to. Why was I about to let myself live a less than extraordinary life? I had dreams of travel, dreams of far away lands and tropical beaches where I would have no huge commitments and little responsibility. Neither of us was really ready to actually be adults, nor had any desire to be!


Why would we want to work all year for two weeks of sunshine when we could travel for as long as we desired and work whenever we needed to?

We took the leap.

We made our decision on a weekend trip to the seaside. We sat on the beach on a chilly English summers day and decided that we both felt passionately that we didn’t want to waste our lives in a country we have no desire to live in, in constant debt to our mortgage, never having enough money to do what we actually wanted to do. We wanted to break free from what society tells us to do.

Fast-forward to now and we are the happiest we have ever been, as sun kissed and sandy as ever. Living our dream. We have had some amazing life changing experiences in the last 9 months, experiences we only ever thought we would dream of. We have slid down waterfalls, scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef, woke up on the deck to the sound of dolphins splashing in the water at sunrise, jet skied the Whitsunday islands, swam with turtles, snowboarded in the snowy mountains (I know, I didn’t realize Oz had snow either!), seen countless amounts of amazing sunrises and sunsets and surfed with dolphins and whales! Never in a million years did I think any of that would be our reality. But here I am, writing this in hope to inspire you.

Do whatever it is that makes your heart skip a beat. Your dream might not be travel, but whatever it is make it a life worth living. It was our dream for such a long time to travel the world, and now we’re living it. We now live a minimal and exciting life traveling the world together. We have big plans to travel to Bali, Hawaii and America next year so stay tuned! Watch out world, here we come!

Kay and Dom