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Noosa is a beautiful little place, which is great for surfing! It’s a pretty small place but it was an important place for us as it signalled the start of surf culture! So far our east coast trip has been amazing but we’ve missed an essential vitamin… vitamin sea! In Noosa you can go in the sea without fear of deadly jellyfish or crocodiles unlike in more northern parts of Queensland… phew. We instantly fell in love with Noosa, it is a really quaint place with great beaches and good surf.


We stayed at Nomads for a few days while in Noosa as we had booked most of our trip through MAD travel. MAD tends to use Nomads hostels when you book though them as they are affiliated. There are heaps of other hostels in Noosa, although all of the hostels there are really expensive so make sure you look around before you settle. Here are some other hostels in the area:

Here’s what we thought of our stay at Nomads

Location – 8  it’s in a pretty good location, quite close to the local shops and about a 20 minute walk up a big hill to the closest beach.

Vibe – 9 the hostel it’s self has a great vibe, it’s a hub of people all buzzing with excitement as they travel up and down the east coast. At night there is a real party vibe as there is an on site nightclub, so if you’re not into drinking make sure to take your earplugs!

Facilities – 3 this is probably one of the worst hostels we’ve stayed in, in terms of its facilities. The Wi-Fi was really terrible and so slow. We had some very painful Skype calls during our time there! When we were there the kitchen was really dirty and there wasn’t enough equipment to go around, although make sure to check trip advisor for the latest reviews incase they’ve improved (which they hopefully have)!

Overall – 6/10


Our Noosa experience improved dramatically when we moved from the hostel into a local Airbnb! It worked out so much cheaper for us, and gave us amazing facilities including free bikes and body boards. We love hostel life, it’s a great way to meet people, but we also love saving money and getting a bit of luxury too!

The house we stayed in was beautiful, we even got an en-suite room, it’s crazy to think that it cost us less to stay there than it did for an 8 bed dorm in Nomads! Madness. We love Airbnb and recommend it to everyone we meet; it’s a great way to get insider knowledge about a place and to meet the locals. Use this link to get $40 off your first stay through AirBnb. It’s so worth it!

Free bikes from the Airbnb made it super easy and cheap to get around!

Free bikes from the Airbnb made it super easy and cheap to get around!

What to do in and around the place


Noosa is well known for its surf life, so grab a board and get out on those waves! We took full advantage of our time at the beach and even took a few surfing lessons. We are not pros yet, but it certainly helped to give us some solid foundations to practice… so watch this space! We went with Learn to Surf and had a great time. Our instructor was hilarious, but really great at his job. We both thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and recommend giving it a go, even if you fall off a million times (like me) you can at least say you surfed in Australia!

Dom being eaten by a wave!

Noosa is the perfect place to top up your tan! The weather is beautiful in summer and you would be unlucky to get a bad day, also make sure to look out for Dolphins! While we were chilling in the last rays of sun one day, we spotted dolphins splashing about in the waves, it was a really surreal experience.

We were able to borrow the parasol and body boards from our AirBnB host for free – woohoo!

Australia Zoo is close by and trips leave from the hostels daily. We don’t tend to support zoo’s or organisations which use animals to make money, but Australia zoo is different. We really love Steve Irwin’s message, and we were eager to see the legacy he had left behind. I always dreamed of going to the zoo when I was a child watching him on TV!  We had a great day seeing all of the animals and learned so much too. Just make sure you put some sun cream on so you don’t get burnt noses like we did!



This photo made us laugh endlessly, I hope it made you laugh too!

While you’re in Noosa, keep an eye out for any surf competitions or big swells coming into the area. While we were there a huge swell came in, which meant that pro surfers flocked to Noosa to make the most out of the waves. We thoroughly enjoyed watching them do their thing, it sure made us jealous when we thought back to our surf lessons! We got to see local pro surfer Julian Wilson ride some huge waves, it was great to see how many people are actually really good at surfing!

Make sure you walk around the headland through Noosa National park, it’s such a beautiful walk and if you’re luckier than us you might even spot a Koala chilling in the eucalyptus trees. At the right time of day/year you can even spot dolphins swimming from the various lookouts, we weren’t lucky enough to see any wildlife other than a snake (eek!) but thoroughly enjoyed the walk and highly recommend it for any nature lovers out there!

Something else that is popular to do in Noosa is to kayak in the Noosa Everglades. We didn’t go on the trip and do slightly regret it now. We had heard reviews that if the wind is strong, it is incredibly hard to paddle back. Due to the weather at the time we decided It wasn’t worth risking the money, and that maybe we would go back at the end of the year if we regretted it too much! We say that if you go to Noosa and have good weather, don’t even hesitate!

Have a stroll around the Eumundi Markets, we can never resist a good old market! Make sure you catch a ride or the bus (the 631) on a Wednesday or Saturday and wander around local sellers, we’ve seen some super cool stuff at the markets we’ve been to.

There is heaps to do in Noosa for those of you who love to be busy, but it’s also the perfect place to wind down and relax or even learn to surf! It’s one of our favourite places down the east coast, we highly recommend staying if you ever find yourself travelling the east coast of Australia!

So there you have it. Your full and complete guide to Noosa and all the things you can get up to, so what are you waiting for… get booking!

Kay and Dom

* All views and opinions are our own, we are not sponsored by any company(s) we just want to create great guides for people to enjoy their time travelling in Australia.

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