Newcastle, Australia

Newcastle is a vibrant and modern place, with a very laid back feel about it. It’s a popular place for surfers, skateboarders and anybody who loves to chill out and not take life too seriously!


We stayed in an Airbnb in Newcastle, which was absolutely amazing! Our hosts were fantastic and even told us that we could borrow their skateboards/surfboards if we wanted to! We cannot recommend Airbnb enough, it’s given us so much freedom with our travel and also saved us lots of money! If you’re thinking of travelling soon, have a look on Airbnb because you might be surprised with what your money can get you. It’s a great way to get insider knowledge about a place and to meet the locals. If you’re interested in trying it out then you can click here to get $40 off your first booking. It’s so worth it!

If you want to meet other travellers then hostels are your best bet and there are a couple in Newcastle. Hostels are the perfect place to meet new friends and like-minded people, which will enhance your travels. Here are the hostels in Newcastle:

What to do in Newcastle

Newcastle is very well known for it’s great surf! It is home to four-time world champion surfer Mark Richards as well as many other great surfers. Newcastle gets great waves so it’s worth renting a surfboard while you’re there and giving it a try. You never know, you might be surprised at how good you are!


As you walk down the pavements in Newcastle it becomes clear to see that they have been designed for skating! Longboards are very popular in Newcastle due to the beautiful long and wide, smooth paths – skating is a breeze! It’s not uncommon to see someone longboarding down to the beach with their surfboard tucked under their arm. What a life, ey!


Newcastle has great beaches, two of the most popular ones are Nobby’s beach and Mereweather beach, both of them have amazing ocean pools as well as a huge selection of yummy cafes and restaurant’s. We highly recommend Cocowhip if you fancy a cooling treat.


If you happen to have a rainy day while you’re there, you should go rock climbing! We had heaps of fun at Pulse. Our ticket lasted for as long as we lasted, meaning there was no time limit on how long we could stay. We lasted for about two hours before we were both trembling with exhaustion, ha! If you’re not into rock climbing then give bouldering a go, bouldering is a fairly new addition to most rock climbing centers, although the sport has been around for years. Bouldering is using your full body strength to climb up small ‘boulders’ some more tricky than others, all without ropes. If you fall, you land on crash mats instead!

If you fancy a walk and some history they go to the Newcastle Memorial Walk. It’s an ANZAC memorial with lots of fact boards and pretty scenery. We didn’t do the walk ourselves but apparently it’s a very easy one with a pretty flat terrain so you wont need your hiking boots for this one!

If you’re heading towards Sydney or just fancy a day out then we suggest stopping off at Somersby Falls, it’s a beautiful little national park with a few waterfalls. A lot of people go for the day and take a little picnic to eat, but be warned, the water there is FREEZING!

Summersby Falls-1

So there you have it. Your full and complete guide to Nelson Bay and all the things you can get up to, so what are you waiting for… get booking!

Kay and Dom

* All views and opinions are our own, we are not sponsored by any company(s) we just want to create great guides for people to enjoy their time travelling in Australia.

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