We wrapped up our really relaxed and enjoyable trip around Bali by spending a few days in Lovina.  We said goodbye to our wonderful driver Darma and checked into our new hotel. We got good vibes from Lovina, everybody seemed really friendly but is was as though there were only a handful of tourists in the area! Lovina is a pretty small place and really suffers from a lack of tourists in the off season. Understandably then, you get hassled a lot more walking down the streets and sunbathing on the beaches. We’re guessing that in the summer it’s a much nicer atmosphere and that the locals are less pushy as there is more business.


We stayed at the Chonos Hotel which was a really fancy place! I would say that it was one of the best hotels we stayed at in Bali. The staff couldn’t help us enough, and they were all very professional. Our hotel was just around the corner from the main shops and the beach, but there are lots of other hotels which are on the beach front it’s self.


We used Lovina as a base to explore the surrounding areas. We booked a driver for the day and went to explore Git Git falls, a really beautiful waterfall high up in the mountains. We think this is one of the most beautiful and easily accessible waterfalls in Bali.


From there our driver took us to a beautiful temple set on the water front. There are locals who you can pay to take you on a little boat trip for a closer look at the temple which seems like a really awesome experience.


Amed-4 Amed-5

After the water temple we drove to the Jatiluwih terraces. This rice terrace is a much bigger but less famous than Tegalalang. It isn’t as dramatic as the Tegalalang because it’s not set on the edge of a mountain, but it’s equally as beautiful!

Lovina-4 Lovina-3 Lovina-9 Lovina-5 Lovina-6 Lovina-8

The last stop of the day was Banjar hot springs. On our way from the car park to the springs we did a little bit of shopping to get some nice new hippie pants! The water at the springs is lovely and warm, it is supposed to be really therapeutic due to the high amount of sulphur in the water (which also gives it a bit of an eggy/muddy smell)



The beaches in Lovina are really beautiful and have soft sand as opposed to rocks like most beaches in Bali. I imagine that in high season this place is really popular and a really nice alternative to staying in the south of the island. We could have happily stayed here relaxing for a week!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through our experiences in Bali and that it’s given you some wanderlust to visit one day! We can’t wait to go back, let the count down begin!

Kay and Dom

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