Jindabyne, Australia

We had originally planned on staying in Jindy for the whole snow season, but after a set back with our farm work we were unable to get there on time for the start of the season. Nevertheless we travelled down to Jindabyne to meet up with some friends we had met in Coffs Harbour. Jindy is a cute little town, there isn’t a whole lot to do, but it has a really nice vibe about it – it’s very laid back.



We were lucky enough to stay with one of our friends in Jindy but if you are planning a snowy get away then you will find yourself at Snowy Mountain backpackers.You would think that being a hostel it would have hostel prices, but it made us both flinch when we looked into staying there at a whopping $55 a night in high season! Eek! But if you’re after a bit of snow and want to save some money then this is the place to be. It’s the cheapest in the area and as it’s a hostel you can cook your own food saving you heaps of money. Even our trusty option of using Airbnb wasn’t an option, with prices trebling for the winter months.

What to do in Jindy

The one thing that people go to Jindy for is the snow! We had a blast snowboarding at Perisher ski resort and we were even blessed with a blue bird sky at times. On a sunny day conditions are wonderful up on the slopes. Jindy is very random with the snowfall it receives: some days there will be a huge dump, others it will all melt. To combat this problem they have snow blowers which coat the slopes with beautiful fresh powder!


Go night boarding! It was great fun snowboarding at night time under the floodlights; definitely one of our favourite experiences. When you get too cold you can go inside to the bar and warm up with a nice hot drink and watch the live band perform.

Go for a walk around Lake Jindy. It’s such a beautiful area with lots of walking tracks to explore. Many people go to Jindy in the summer time as it looks completely different and it’s also really good for mountain biking if you’re into that! If you drive just outside of the area then you will find lots of beautiful waterfalls, they are worth the drive!

Perisher-3 Perisher-4


If you want to party then Banjo’s is your place! It’s a busy little nightclub where everyone goes to let down their hair. The drinks are reasonably priced and they have great music. It’s a great place to meet new likeminded people!

Build a snowman! We were blessed with some proper snowfall while we were there. It covered the ground within an hour so, of course, we headed out for a snowball fight which then turned into building mini snowmen and making snow angels… lots of fun and all for free!


Even if you only go for a few days we highly recommend visiting Jindy. Go and have a day on the slopes, and if you can’t snowboard/ski then hire a toboggan and have a fun day sliding down the slopes! Not a lot of people realise there is snow in Australia so lets break the mold! So there you have it. Your full and complete guide to Jindabyne and all the things you can get up to, so what are you waiting for… get booking!


Kay and Dom

* All views and opinions are our own, we are not sponsored by any company(s) we just want to create great guides for people to enjoy their time travelling in Australia.

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