Jimbaran is a quiet little place, we only stayed for one night and didn’t get chance to really explore, especially with the torrential rain that we had while we were there!

We stayed in a wonderful hotel called The Astari Villa and Residence, it felt like true luxury! Most people who stay in Jimbaran stay in really nice hotels and resorts where they can be truly pampered. It felt like a very elite place and most people who we met seemed to have lots of money. We didn’t quite fit in with our backpacks, sandy feet and sun kissed hair but it was a great experience!

Jimbaran-2 Jimbaran-1

Jimbaran is well known for seafood as it’s a little fishing village. There are lots and lots of restaurants who specialise in seafood as well as local Balinese cuisine. Just be aware of the tourist traps in place where taxi drivers will offer to take you to their favourite restaurant, which will turn out to be a restaurant they are in commission with! We fell for this, but ended up having a pretty nice meal in the end.

I wish we had more chance to explore Jimbaran, but maybe next time! Other things to do there include:

  • Visiting Samasta Lifestyle Village
  • Going to Tegal Wangi Beach
  • Visiting Jimbaran Bay and beach


Jimbaran seems like a great base for exploring Bali. Most hotels offer day trips to various places all around Bali, as well as cooking classes and other traditional Balinese trips. I would recommend at least two days to see Jimbaran as one was not enough for us to really get a feel for the place, especially when the weather didn’t behave!

Next stop, Uluwatu!

Kay and Dom

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