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Second Year Visa Advice

After completing our 88 days of farm work for our second year visa, we thought we would write about our experience and give any advice that we wish we’d have been given. After applying for a working holiday… Read More

What to do on Big Island

Next stop on our island hop was the big island otherwise known as the Island of Hawaiʻi. This is the largest Hawaiian island and also the youngest, with the Kilauea volcano still producing lava making it larger as… Read More

Fraser Island, Australia

  *Disclaimer” We booked our trip though MAD Travel without doing very much in the way of research, which may have slightly ruined our Fraser Island experience. In hind sight we probably should have found a trip that… Read More

Noosa, Australia

    Noosa is a beautiful little place, which is great for surfing! It’s a pretty small place but it was an important place for us as it signalled the start of surf culture! So far our east… Read More

Airlie Beach / Whitsundays

  We arrived in Airlie and as soon as we stepped off the bus the glorious heat hit us! We got instant party vibes from the place, it reminded us of somewhere like Magaluf or Malia (places young… Read More

Cairns, Australia

TOUCHDOWN! We finally made it to Cairns after 30 long hours of plane seats, airport terminals and excited anticipation, having touched down in London, Singapore and Darwin before finally being allowed to free roam Australian territory. After 6… Read More