We were pleasantly surprised by how much we love Canggu! When we arrived we couldn’t believe the difference in landscape between Canggu and Seminyak; they could have been in entirely different countries!

We stayed in a hostel in Canggu which was actually really lovely, we were so surprised. We stayed at Beachbums Berawa which was about a 20 minute walk from the closest beach, but close to lots of delicious restaurants. We were so pleased with the cost of this place and the facilities we got, it was so great for only $7 a night!

After getting over our initial culture shock in Seminyak it came flooding back once again after a walk around the streets of Canggu. I couldn’t get my head around the age of the people working in the fields, it was hard to imagine my own Nannan spending her days up to her knees in mud planting rice! I have serious respect for the balinese people, they are such hard workers.

Canguu-1 Canguu-3

One of our favourite things to do was to walk around the streets and find new places, at this point in our travels we didn’t feel confident enough to hire a scooter (Canggu is notorious for crashes as there is lots of gravel on the roads which causes wheels to skid. There were a few people in the hostel who had scratches and scrapes from falling off, eek!). We will warn you that there are hardly any paths, and when there are paths they are not the best, most of the time we just walked on the road, which was an experience in itself!


Bali is such a slow and chilled out place, nobody ever seems to be in a rush, a complete contrast to places we have traveled to before. We arrived in rainy season which means of course, lots of rain, but one of the best things about rainy seasons is how green everywhere is!

Canguu-6 Canguu-5

You can’t visit a place without trying the local We devoured the local dishes ‘Gado Gado’ and ‘Nasi Goreng’ most nights! A lot of balinese cooking is boiled veggies, fried rice and peanut/soy sauces as well as various different kinds of meat.


All around Bali you will find the most beautiful temples, they are usual distinguished by their dark but beautiful architecture. If you stay close to a temple you will most likely hear the locals playing music and singing in the afternoons.


Close to Canggu is the famous Echo beach. It is well known because of its black sand and a lot of photographers use it as a location for their photoshoots! The beach itself is not that impressive, but with beautiful warm water and fresh coconuts on demand for IDR25000 (£1.50), it’s hard to be unhappy!

Canguu-10 Canguu-9

There are lots and lots of stray dogs in Bali mostly at the local beaches, this is a great place for them to scavenge food. As long as you don’t offer them any food they will leave you alone, or just go to sleep under your sun bed. We like to make friends with them and give them affection but don’t let them bite or scratch you because a some of them may have rabies and/or flees!

Canguu-12 Canguu-11 Canguu-13

Walking down the streets of Canggu nothing will take you by surprise, not even chickens and cows in the streets! We think walking is a great way to take it all in… as long as it doesn’t rain on you!

Canguu-8 Canguu-14

One thing to be aware of when you go to Bali is the Luwak coffee scam. Tour guides may offer to take you to a coffee plantation to try the famous Luwak coffee, where you will be quickly shown around the farm before being given a tray of different coffee samples. They will push you really hard to try and get a sale out of you, but just politely decline and leave. We recommend going to see the coffee plantation for the experience more than anything, but don’t buy anything if you don’t want to. A lot of the time your driver will be working on commission with the farm and so gets a cut of whatever money you spend there.


Where the coffee beans are roasted

Canguu-21 Canguu-20

Smoothie bowls and smoothies are super popular in Bali and also super cheap! We ate so many while we were in Bali. One of our favourite places was Nalu bowls, but lots of local warrungs also offer them for much cheaper.


One of the most famous places near Canggu is the Tanah Lot temple, we hired a driver for the day to go and explore but most people just hop on their scooters which costs a lot less! Tanah Lot is a stunning temple set on a rock formation in the ocean, it is somewhere that Balinese people go to worship the gods of the sea and is a very sacred place. Lots and lots of tourists flock here for the photography opportunities, the best time to go is at sunset where if nature is on your side you will get the most beautiful photos of the temple! Unfortunately we weren’t lucky enough to get a good sunset, but it was still a wonderful place to visit.

Canguu-23 Canguu-24 Canguu-22

There isn’t that much to do in Canggu itself so most days we enjoyed spending time relaxing at the beach, and who can blame us with such beautiful views! There are lots of huts down the beach who offer sun beds. They are mostly the same price so just go where ever looks the nicest. We found some really lovely places and even nicer locals!

Canguu-17 Canguu-16 Canguu-15

If you love the beach and want to explore the local area then we recommend going to Canggu for about 3-7 days, that way you will get to see everything and spend lots of time soaking up the rays!

Next stop, Jimbaran!

Kay and Dom

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