Byron Bay, Australia

Byron is very well known among most backpackers and Australians as a hippie town with super chilled out vibes. When we arrived it has just been the Blues fest and so it seemed really, really busy which unfortunately masked its usual hippie charm, so keep that in mind if you ever go to Byron at festival time. Once everybody had left from the festival it got its nice vibes back and we felt super calm and relaxed walking down the streets looking at all the unique stores.



There are a tonne of hostels in Byron and they come with a nice price tag too! We decided to stay in an Airbnb again because, once again, it worked out cheaper that way. We have heard really good things about the hostels in the area though and they seem to reflect Byron bay really well, here are some top picks:

Our Airbnb was amazing, in the hinterlands surrounded by nature. We stayed in a really nice area just south of Byron, which was super laid back but not too far away from all of the action. Our host was lovely and even gave us a tour so we knew where to go. It’s so great to meet the locals! If you want to try out Airbnb then you can click here to get $40 off your first stay!




Our gorgeous airbnb in Byrons Hinterland

Using the free bikes!

Using the free bikes!

Byron has really nice beaches that are worth checking out if you stay, unfortunately the car park costs looooads of money to park in so if you have a car you might have to park somewhere else and walk down. When we arrived at the beach we loved the atmosphere; there was a guy drawing beautiful mandalas on the beach with a rake, loads of groups of friends chatting the day away and even a guy selling coconuts to take down the beach. Yum! Keep in mind that because Byron is so popular, its beaches can get super busy. If it’s beach life you want it might be worth venturing to less popular places along the coast, but it’s great to experience it if nothing else.

A man drawing mandalas on the beach

A man drawing mandalas on the beach



If you happen to find yourself at the beach at night you will love the atmosphere. Big groups of people who don’t know each other sit on the grass and chat, there are people playing music and singing and others who dance around without a care in the world, it’s so inspiring and awesome to see.


Make sure you watch the sunset! We saw some of the best sunsets in Byron, the whole sky was lit up pink. It was amazing! Also, if you’re feeling brave enough get up for sunrise; it’s definitely worth it. Head up to the lighthouse to catch the first few rays coming over the horizon. The sunrise we saw was breathtaking, the whole sky turned beautiful pastel colours. Whether you walk, run cycle, hitchhike or drive, you must visit the lighthouse while you’re in Byron! Also if you carry on walking just past the lighthouse onto the headland, you will reach the most Easterly point of mainland Oz. Pretty cool, right?!



If you happen to find yourself in Byron’s hinterland like we did, then make sure that on a clear night you go outside and look up. There were the most stars we’ve ever seen; it was as though the whole sky was lit up and we got some great pictures.


Drop by Byron markets on a Sunday – they are so worth visiting. There are heaps of stores to visit all selling unique and interesting things. We were amazed by the huge selection of things on sale; we even managed to buy fresh sugar cane juice for the first time (I highly recommend trying it!). There are also lots of people offering holistic healing therapies such as reiki, and massage for cheap prices. The markets rotate each week through 3 locations, so make sure you check where they are before you set off.


While we were in Bryon we hired a car and took a drive to Minyon falls. It’s quite far away but makes for a great day out. Keep in mind when hiring a car in Byron that they have mileage restrictions. We went over ours but managed to get away with it (thank you nice person in the shop!). We were given a map of how to get to the waterfall but it was awful and we ended up having to use Google maps. So make sure that you have data on your phone if you do decide to venture out of Byron, as we would hate for you to get lost in the middle of the rainforest!


Minyon falls is a massive waterfall and the lookout is actually at the top, which is pretty unique and helps you to feel how large the waterfall is. We decided to hike down to the bottom of the waterfall (once again in flip flops/thongs). It took us two hours to get to the bottom, which was aaaaages! I wish we could say it was worth all of the energy it took but it wasn’t! Unless you like hiking for the sake of it then we don’t recommend trekking to the bottom; by the time the water reaches the bottom of the falls it turns into vapour!


We decided to go to Nimbin on the same day, as they’re both in the same direction. Nimbin is a cute little hippie town which is renowned for its drug culture. Everybody there is so relaxed and happy. We had a good time looking through the shops and soaking up the atmosphere before driving to the waterfall.

Killen Falls is also worth visiting if you feel like seeing another waterfall. This one is really lovely and you can even walk behind the falls! The water was pretty cold but very refreshing, and it’s possibly one of our favourites to have swam in. It’s just so relaxing and not many people know about it.


If you’re into meditation and crystals then we highly recommend having a visit to the Crystal Castle. It’s in a cute little place called Mullumbimby, which is also worth visiting if you have time. The entry fee to the castle is pretty expensive but I always wanted to visit somewhere like that so it was worth it to us. There were huge crystals all over the place as well as various places where you could meditate and signs that made you think deeper. We came away from the place feeling truly zenned out and peaceful.




Byron is a wonderful place with lots to do, if you want to relax and chill out then it you must give it a visit! So there you have it. Your full and complete guide to Byron Bay and all the things you can get up to, so what are you waiting for… get booking!

If you seen need persuading to see beautiful Byron bay then give our youtube video a watch below…

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