Bali Itinerary and location guide

Bali is a gorgeous little island in the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia. It’s somewhere we’ve always wanted to visit and finally got around to seeing! When looking at coming to Bali, we searched really hard to find some sort of itinerary of the island and the best route to take. We never found anything that was what we wanted so decided to create this! Below is our itinerary and a location guide for each of the places that we stayed in, including the route that we took. Click on each place for a detailed travel guide.

We arrived in Denpasar airport without any idea of how we were getting to our accommodation, other than ‘a taxi’. We didn’t expect the complete madness that was going to unfold the second that we stepped foot outside of the airport! There are heaps of taxi guys who will pester you and follow you trying to get you to go with them. After a very confusing and overwhelming start we took a taxi with the airport’s taxi firm (which we now realise was a good choice!) It’s not uncommon for the local taxi guys to take you for a run of your money, they like to drive around the block a few times to run up their meter, or just charge you a ridiculous amount when you go to pay! The best option is to stay at an accommodation with an airport transfer or organise one yourself, that way you will save money and stress! If you want more advice about Bali and things to look out for to save you time/energy then give this a read.


We started off in Seminyak as it’s pretty close to the airport. We are not really city people and much prefer the beach, so this was a good mix of both. Our hotel was about a 5 minute walk to the closest beach but also had heaps of shops close by!



From Seminyak we headed upwards to Canguu. It is a bit further out of the way than most other places in Bali so it’s a great location to start off in. It’s a really cute little place and feels much more relaxed than Seminyak did! There are heaps of black sand beaches and rice paddies near by making it the ultimate place to chill out.




We stopped off in Jimbaran on the way to Uluwatu to see what there was to see. We wouldn’t recommend going to Jimbaran unless you’re just after relaxing at the hotel, there wasn’t a whole lot to do there other than eating sea food!




Uluwatu may have been one of our favourite places in Bali, it came a very close second to Ubud! It is set in the cliffs high above sea level and with that comes spectacular views and beautiful beaches.




Sanur is another place with a city feel, we actually really liked this place. It was quiet but cosmopolitan without being in your face about it! There are some really beautiful beaches close by with lovely warm water.




Ahhhh, Ubud! Hands down the best place in Bali. It’s a wonderful little town that is very popular with tourists but hasn’t lost its beautiful Balinese charm. It’s a great base to see a lot of the waterfalls and rice paddies in the surrounding areas.




Candidasa is a quiet little place. We wished we could have had a little longer there to really explore, but only planned it as a break for the long journey to Amed! There is a lovely white sand beach close by and lots of boat trips to see dolphins.




We didn’t really know what to expect when we went to Amed, so we were surprised when we found a really underdeveloped but quaint little town. The whole town is set on one street where you can find plenty of cheap warungs and local stores. Our main reason for staying here was for a freediving trip. Diving is the reason most people go to Amed. We met some wonderful locals who really made our visit to Amed special!




Lovina is a lot busier than Amed was, and you will find that a lot less tourists visit the area. Due to that the locals really pester you for business, so make sure you’re prepared to say “no thanks!” a lot! There are some lovely beaches in Lovina and also lots of boat tours and snorkelling trips.


That was the route we took and we were pretty happy with it overall, we got to see the beauty of Bali and see most of the island while we were there. We believe it’s important to travel around a place to get a wider view and feel and experience more of the local culture. Take a closer look at what we got up to in each location by clicking on the title.

We hope that our guides inspire you to travel to travel to Bali and experience a whole new way of life!

Kay and Dom

*All views and opinions are our own. We are not sponsored by any company(s), we just want to create great travel guides for people who want to know more about locations around the world.