The main reason we travelled to Amed was for a free-diving course with a company called Apneista. They are such kind lovely people and we highly recommend them! Unfortunately I got sick just before the trip and so we weren’t able to go, but it’s at the top of our list for next time! Amed is a wonderful place filled with lots of really friendly and helpful locals, who really made our stay special.

We stayed at Classic Beach Villas which was set right on the beach front! We still can’t believe how far our money stretches in Bali. We pretty much lived like royalty the whole time we were on the island! This place was no different. We had a huge comfy bed and our very own cute little villa.


Amed is well know for its scuba diving and snorkel trips as it has some really cool shipwrecks to swim around. We had nothing but bad luck in Bali, and so when we were in Amed a huge storm came through bringing with it huge swell. This meant that any diving/snorkel trips were cancelled until the weather settled down. We were gutted about it but unfortunately we can’t control the weather!

We hired a driver to drive us around Amed and couldn’t have asked for a better guy! We now think of Darma as our friend and really enjoyed the time we spent with him. One thing about Balinese people is that they are so kind and generous. He took us to his home where we shared a coconut and coffee with his family and learned about life as a Balinese local. We were also given rambutan’s to eat on the drive which was cool as we have never tried them before (they are a bizarre and intimidating fruit to us English folk!). We honestly couldn’t have asked for more from him and his family.

One thing I will say to anybody coming to Bali is please don’t go with the taxi company from your hotel. Go with the guy on the side of the street or ask around and see if anybody knows a local driver. They are the ones with very little money and as a tourist I feel it’s our duty to spread our money out a little further than just hotel chains and big companies. It really made us happy that our money went to Darma and his family. They were so grateful for our business and it gave us a much more personal experience.

If you want to contact Darma to book a tour with him for anywhere in Bali then please give him a call or message. You can find him here.


We really enjoyed spending time with our driver’s family, getting to know them and sharing a delicious coconut! It’s experiences like this that give you a real feel of Bali.

Once again, depending on where you decided to go in Bali will depend on how much you do in each place. If you choose Amed as your base for the north of the island then you can get tours and do various activities such as:

  • Climbing Mount Agung
  • Visiting the Tirta Gangga water palace
  • Going sea kayaking
  • Paddle boarding
  • Scuba Diving around the ship wrecks
  • Going on a boat tour with local fishermen

We recommend going to Amed for 3-5 days to get the most out of your stay. Most activities you do will be water based and so make sure you go in the high season rather than rainy season to ensure your trips will go ahead. We can’t wait to go back here one day!

Next stop, Lovina.

Kay and Dom

*All views and opinions are our own. We are not sponsored by any company(s), we just want to create great travel guides for people who want to know more about locations around the world.

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